Bomaluwa Helagama - Indigenous Village

The development of Bomaluwa Hela Gama will serve to heal the surrounding area, the Earth, wildlife, and biodiversity around the Siri Sambodhiya.


We have planned to conduct a fresh archeological survey and excavation to prove true fact about the land of Thathāgatha and the true helabodu civilization.

Revitalizing Ancient Hela language

The Vocabulary of Thathāgatha made by Thathāgatha’s by using sound of nature has now hidden from the world. We are in the process of regaining it now.


All the Thathāgathas use a special vocabulary to explain the true nature of this world, and it is necessary to realize the Nibbāna.

Rewriting History of Sri Lanka

Today it is truly clear that, the history of Indian sub-continent has distorted and fabricated at the British colonial times in Asia.

Re-Publishing Earliest Version of Tipitaka

The earliest version of Tipitaka is the one which was written in Hela script in Sri Lanka in 1st century in Sri Lanka.

Digital Archives of Oakleaf Manuscripts

Ariyakamattana has already found more than 10 000 the ancient ola leaf manuscripts of Sri Lanka from England, France, Netherland, and Denmark.