About Ariyakammattana

Ariyakammattana is a non-profit organization incorporated and registered in both Sri Lanka and Norway by Buddhists with Sri Lankan roots.

The organization’s members aim to rectify the Helabodu history, reclaiming the indigenous ethnic identity of Sinhala race, and restore the pure Buddha Dhamma that has been distorted since the 19th century under British invasion of Sri Lanka. Led by Theravada Buddhist monk Bhikkhu Ariyamagga, Ariyakammattana is nonviolent and operates with love and kindness towards all living beings in the universe. The organization deeply committed to re-establish the lost ecocentric living back into force.

The organization is fully independent and not affiliated with any other religious or social groups. Additionally, Ariyakammattana remains neutral in all political matters and does not discriminate based on gender, nationality, religion, caste, or any other social criteria. While the majority of Ariyakammattana’s members have Sri Lankan roots, individuals from any part of the world who agree with the organization’s goals are welcome to join.


The main goal of Ariyakammattana is to restore the Nibbāna that has been long lost from the world and help those who wish to attain Nibbāna within this lifetime, not after death or in future lives. To ensure the success of this main goal, Ariyakammattana strongly believes it is not possible to restore the lost Nibbāna path without rectifying the distorted historical facts of Gothama Samana the Buddha (the last discoverer of the path).

Therefore, a secondary goal is to correct the Helabodu history that has been distorted. It is necessary to re-identify Buddha Gothama’s birth land, Buddha’s four sacred sites, the language used during Buddha’s time, and the correct chronology of Buddha Gothama’s events before we start teaching the pure Nibbāna on a larger scale.


In pursuit of these goals, Ariyakammattana has embarked on an extensive, multi-decade study and in-depth research endeavor to ascertain accurate historical facts. This comprehensive analysis aims to uncover Buddha Gothama’s homeland, the authentic Dambadiva, and the four sacred Buddhist sites in Sri Lanka. Furthermore, the organization is extending its assistance to other religious faiths in identifying their rightful worship sites, many of which have been lost due to the actions of Western colonial regimes in Asia.

Presently, Ariyakammattana is actively engaged in the process of presenting these authentic historical findings to UNESCO and the United Nations. Through this endeavor, the organization seeks to rectify the lingering impact of colonial tyranny that persists to this day.

Our Team

Bhikkhu Kleppe Ariyamagga

Bhikkhu Kleppe Ariyamagga, a Norwegian Buddhist monk of Sri Lankan descent, is renowned as the ‘Sri Lankan Marco Polo,’ embodying the spirit of a fearless explorer whose wisdom transcends formal education. Despite earning a Ph.D. and global recognition, his profound knowledge extends beyond conventional bounds, cultivated through a lifetime of global exploration. His insights into the natural history of our planet, its evolution, and realms beyond, evoke echoes of the encyclopedic records left by luminaries such as Pliny the Elder and Ptolemy.

Bhikkhu Ariyamagga founded the Ariyakammattana organization to rectify historical distortions done by Western colonial powers in Asia. His groundbreaking discovery of the true location of “Paradis,” which is the same geographical location referred to as “Janbuddeepa” in the religious texts of Buddhists, Jains, and Hindus, challenges established beliefs and invites reevaluation of human origins. Through his work, Bhikkhu Ariyamagga fosters collective efforts to preserve our shared heritage and encourages spiritual seekers on a path toward eternal truth. His profile offers a glimpse into the life and endeavors of a modern-day explorer and historian, aspiring to attain enlightenment and the final cessation of the cycle of birth within this lifetime.

Bhikkhu Opalgala Wajiragnana

Bhikkhu Opalgala Wajiragnana, a Sri Lankan aboriginal Buddhist monk with degrees in Sinhala Language and Literature, and Linguistics, and formerly serving as the Deputy Principal of the Sinhala Buddhist College in Matale, Sri Lanka, resigned from all secular positions to focus on an alternative education system. Recognizing the design of the colonial-established contemporary formal education system in Sri Lanka, aimed solely at developing materialistic ignorance, a significant impediment to finding truth, he believes that the contemporary education system leads individuals away from the path to Nibbana.

Collaborating with Ariyakammattana, he aims to create an ecocentric education platform, guiding individuals towards enlightenment while revitalizing the ancient Pali language. Additionally, Bhikkhu Wajiragnana ardently supports the noble mission of the Ariyakammattana organization, which seeks to revive the natural power of Janbuddeepa/Paradis.

Malinda Dilum Indrasena

Malinda Dilum Indrasena

Malinda Dilum Indrasena, a Canadian of Sri Lankan origin, boasts a rich educational background and a thriving career in Information Technology. Holding degrees from prestigious institutions such as the British Computer Society and the University of Colombo, Malinda rose to the position of Pega Senior IT Consultant at renowned institutions like the Royal Bank of Canada and the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC). However, his journey took a profound turn when he embraced the principles of natural intelligence with Ariyakammattana—dedicated to healing the world through the restoration of lost ecocentric values in society. His commitment is exemplified by his pioneering efforts in establishing “Bomaluwa Helagama,” a village centered around Sri Sambodhiya, aiming to guide others towards inner peace and understanding Nibbana as taught by the Buddha.

Malinda’s dedication to truth led him to uncover significant historical revelations, including the correlation between Paradis in the Bible and Quran and Janbuddeepa in Asian religious texts. He now dedicates himself to restoring this common ground of human origin, transcending religious diversity. Additionally, Malinda leads a program advocating for rejecting globalization and the concept of a one-world government, considering them major hindrances to discovering the truth. His vision is to create an ecocentric society, emphasizing the importance of holistic understanding beyond the limitations of the five senses.

Team - Premachandra

Premachandra Hettiarachchi
Attorney at Law

Premachandra Hettiarachchi, a senior lawyer of Sri Lankan origin residing in Italy, holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Peradeniya in Sri Lanka, complementing his legal expertise. He is a dedicated social activist, committed to combating injustice and actively participates in global initiatives to safeguard human rights.

As a director of the Ariyakammattana organization, he lends his expertise to rectify the distorted historical facts of the Indian subcontinent, which have resulted in the misrepresentation and dispossession of the true indigenous national identity of the Sinhala race. Premachandra’s tireless advocacy aligns with Ariyakammattana’s mission to restore historical truths and promote social justice, making significant strides towards empowering marginalized communities worldwide.

Team - Somasinghe

Ranjan Somasinghe
Attorney at Law and Former District Judge

Ranjan Somasinghe, an esteemed Attorney at Law and former District Judge, possesses extensive expertise in the legal field. Holding a Master of Arts from Kelaniya University and postgraduate diplomas in Criminology and Criminal Justice from the University of Peradeniya, Law of International Trade from the University of Wales, and International Relations from the Bandaranaike Center for International Studies, he has a well-rounded educational background. Throughout his distinguished career, which includes roles as Additional Magistrate, Magistrate, Additional District Judge, and District Judge, Ranjan has garnered invaluable experience.

Before ascending to the judiciary, he served as a legal advisor to the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment and as a legal consultant for the Northern Provincial Council in Sri Lanka. Currently, Ranjan serves as the legal advisor to the Ariyakammattana organization in both Norway and Sri Lanka, where he passionately fights to reclaim Sri Lanka’s true ethnic identity. Under British colonial rule, historical facts were distorted to the nation’s detriment, leading to the unjust dispossession of its indigenous heritage. Through rigorous scientific study and legal advocacy, Ranjan and the Ariyakammattana team strive to rectify this historical injustice. His unwavering commitment to Ariyakammattana’s mission underscores his dedication to restoring Sri Lanka’s authentic ethnic identity and history.