A Unified Effort to Restore and Preserve Our Shared Heritage

A Call to Restore and Preserve Paradise to Its Ancient Glory

As we conclude our investigation, we find ourselves on the cusp of a new era—one that acknowledges the profound connection between Janbuddeepa and Paradise, affirming that they are different names for the same sacred geography now known as Sri Lanka. This land, defined by its ancient waterways and held in high esteem as a site of deep spiritual significance across various religions, embodies the unity of human faith and our reverence for the natural world.


We extend an invitation to everyone who values our shared human heritage to join us in this vital exploration and preservation effort. Together, let us rediscover the sacred geography that unites us. This journey towards rediscovery, unity, and preservation serves as a beacon of hope for a world seeking common ground and a deeper connection to our spiritual and environmental roots.


Join Our Mission to Reclaim and Celebrate Our Collective Heritage

To the global community, ardent champions of peace and heritage preservation, we extend an impassioned invitation. Join us in our mission to restore Paradise or Janbuddeepa to its former glory, reclaiming the sanctity of our shared human origin. Together, let our actions resonate as a beacon of hope, pushing back against the shadows of conspiracy that threaten our collective history and future.


Envision a Future of Harmony and Restoration

Imagine a peaceful society free from conspiracies, reverting to an eco-centric lifestyle that nurtures and heals nature. A world where every living being thrives in happiness and freedom, embodying the hope that springs from a harmonious coexistence with our environment. Your involvement can transform this vision into reality, contributing to a legacy of peace, understanding, and profound respect for the natural world that sustains us all.


Take Action Now

We urge you to engage in this ongoing exploration and preservation, to rediscover the sacred geography that connects us all. Join us in this journey of rediscovery, unity, and preservation—a beacon of hope for a world in search of common ground and a deeper connection to our spiritual and planetary roots. Your participation is crucial in ensuring that the legacy of Paradise, known today as Sri Lanka, is celebrated and preserved for future generations. Join us in making history, one step at a time.