Save The Bodhiya

Healing the Earth around the Siri Sambodhiya & in Bomaluwa Gama in order to save, heal, and energize the Siri Sambodhiya, and restore the Nibbāna conditions back in the area.

The birth of the ‘Bomaluwa Hela Gama’ in the Uruwela area is intended for the protection of the Siri Sambodhiya and healing of the Earth around the Bodhi Tree. This kusala activity will help reactivate the “Nibbana Energy” to its optimum and revitalize the necessary conditions that are helpful for ‘Ariya Savaka’ to fulfill their Nibbana. We will purify the surrounding water sources resulting in clean ground water, natural springs, and streams thereby allowing clean water and earth to keep the Siri Sambodhiya healthy for a long time and in turn activating all other Bodhi trees that are rooted to the Earth.

Sri Lankan farmers have been caught to the Western economic trap by being bound to use chemicals, and hybrid and GMO seeds in the Island for agriculture. Villagers around the Siri Sambodhiya also have followed the same process and that has resulted in polluted soils, weakened trees, and decrease in the biodiversity of plants, animals, and microorganisms in the area. Consequently, the Siri Sambodhiya has also gotten weak. The results of these actions have caused some villagers to be affected with noncommunicable diseases, such as kidney diseases and cancers. Instead of consuming resources for building golden fences and stone walls around the Bodhi tree, our first intention to remedy these issues is to heal the Siri Sambodhiya (Bodhin Wahanse) and the surrounding area by not using any chemicals, and not dumping plastics and synthetics to the Earth.

We are already in the process of establishing a native forest (food forest) around the Sambodhi area on our own land. In addition, we will be cooperating with the surrounding villagers to return back to the natural agriculture methods that they have lost due to the western commercial chemical trap. We hope to first initiate this program within a 10 square kilometer area around the Sambodhiya. In this initiative there will be absolutely no usage of chemical fertilizers, weedicides, pesticides, polyethene, and plastics. We will renovate irrigation systems such as streams and dams while removing the chemical poisons in the water sources by planting native aquatic plants that absorb pollutants and chemicals to naturally purify water. As certain populations of microorganisms and animal life have been depleted, precise techniques will be used to reestablish the diversity of microorganisms in the water and soil to recreate a healthy ecosystem.

We have already started a program to encourage and educate villagers. We also will support them financially to buy seeds, establish a nursery, and complete land preparation etc. This mission is to bring into operation the ancient Hela agriculture techniques so that villagers can restore the lost healthy organic agriculture ecosystem without using any chemicals, and cultivar/hybrid/GMO seeds. Hela agriculture incorporates the in-depth understanding and knowledge of the seasons, rain, lightning, behavior of wildlife, patterns of Mother Earth, and transient effects of the sun, moon, and other planets of the universe. Ultimately, by gradually supporting nearby villages and sharing the Hela agriculture methods, it is expected that the initial 10 sq km project area can be expanded to at least 100 sq km within a few years.

The agenda behind the project is to restore the lost lifestyle that was based on loving kindness (metta, mudita, karuna, upekkha) in order to give a long-lasting solution for a healthy life to the villagers, for the care and preservation of Mother Nature, and to rebalance and restore the harmony among humans, wildlife, and Mother Nature that we had in this area at the time of the Buddha. We believe that this lost mindset and natural environment is a necessity for one to understand the correct teaching of the Buddha.