Ariyakammattana is at the forefront of a groundbreaking legal initiative, challenging historical inaccuracies imposed by the British colonial era regarding the origins of Buddhism.

Bhikkhu Kleppe Ariyamagga, a Norwegian Buddhist monk of Sri Lankan origin, presented a pivotal revelation at the 55th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, asserting that Dam̆badiva, the sacred land where Buddha was born, is rightfully located within the borders of modern Sri Lanka, not India as previously misrepresented.

This revelation counters 188 years old colonial distortions that manipulated geographical records and erased the ethnic and religious identities of the Sinhala people. Despite facing continuous legal rejections in the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka, Bhikkhu Ariyamagga’s research unequivocally establishes Dam̆badiva’s true location, emphasizing the need for correction of historical records to restore global spiritual harmony and the accurate understanding of Buddhist heritage.

Ariyakammattana is committed to this cause, seeking not just to reclaim a distorted heritage but to foster global unity by rectifying the recognized locations of significant religious and historical sites worldwide. Stay updated with Truth Connect TV as we continue to cover this historic campaign to reshape our collective history.