Lumbini in Sri Lanka

The true birthplace of Bodhisathwa Gothama, Prince Sidatha, was discovered through extensive research conducted by Ariyakammattana within the district of Kegalle in Sri Lanka. This sacred site is located in the village now known as Nelumdeniya, also renowned as Dedigama Kotawehera. Unfortunately, colonial archaeologists misinterpreted this location as the birthplace of King Parakramabahu, but this misconception must now be rectified.

Siri Sambodhiya in Sri Lanka

Ariyakammattana discovered and safeguarded the Siri Sambodhiya, where the Buddha attained enlightenment. This sacred site is located in the village of Uruwela, which the British renamed as Urulewa. It lies within the Andiyagala Grama Sewa division in the Palagala divisional secretariat, Anuradhapura district, North Central province in Sri Lanka.

Isipathana in Sri Lanka

The organization is currently in the process of identifying the sacred location of the first Dhamma sermon of Gothama Buddha. Based on current findings, this site located in the area of Ibbagamuwa and Mawathagama area in the North Western Province of Sri Lanka.

Kusinara in Sri Lanka

The organization has identified the location of the sacred site of Buddha Parinibbana in the area of Avukana and Vijithapura, situated in the Anuradhapura District of Sri Lanka. However, due to the abundance of ruins in the vicinity, conducting a thorough archaeological investigation is necessary to precisely identify the exact spot of Parinibbana.